Another Sad Song

i know the title says its a song but uhm, yea its not.

im done with this sorry tale-

this pretending that things are real.

with all the regrets and mistakes; 

in this limbo i stay ,

even the good times are tinged in pain.

all too damn hard to keep a smile in place

my god, what i'd give to make your memory go away.

its hard to keep moving

all these secrets  and lies unfolding,

emotions overrunning,

even now im standing

in  a down pour of why

i wish it'd all just end

and leave me somewhere up in the sky.

im running nowhere,

just wanting somewhere to go,

getting nowhere,

stuck here in your arms.

the closest place to what i might call home,

i only wanted somewhere where i could belong.

too bad but with you, 

it all comes down to the end of another sad song

maybe we'll be put on repeat,

and continue being strung along.

The End

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