Another Rainy Night

This is one of my romantic explains in what way love may change things around u....their behaviour....or your own way of looking at them...I hope you will feel involved....

A couple of times…

We were together in my dreams.


My fingers clutched on thine,

Your dark eyes held mine.


As if by a promise still,

Our clappers did not let a word spill.


A little breeze cool came so quiet,

Against our faces that went so light.


The clouds above did grumble aloud,

The big drops battered on things about.


The crowns around swayed in ecstasy,

The white orb on dark smiled in lunacy.


Your nimble steps kicked the water on way,

And mine too skipped along and spry.


Upon your quiet lips rested your wet locks stray,

And drops sweet trickled down your face so gay.


Under the shadow of that bleary house,

Where the tall fountains did bubble and drowse.

I eased my grip on your fingers pink,

I  let you go behind the odd doors and sink.


I would never know when you went inside,

Why the bubbling stopped quiet and the fountains all died?


Why the crowns went cold and the swaying did obtuse?

Why the smile on white orb looked such a refuse?


Why the grumbling above in dark dispersed?

Whereto the big drops vanished ,and battering traversed?


How the wind lost all its cool so quick?

How the night so lively went so dull that brisk?


Alone, so desperate I stood outside,

For my answers, I think….

 I would need a new dream…

Or may be just ‘Another Rainy Night’ .

The End

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