another love storie

a dream united


In the beginning there was a dream.

A dream of nothingness and glare.

All is gone all is dead, all except my dream.

The sea the wind and the waves bring in despair.

I walk endlessly to the tree of promises.

But no matter how far I go I get no closer.

I look and I realize that I am but a soul in wander.



I walk on, I think of nothing, I am empty.

This dream that I have I am no where.

When I look up I see only that which is weary

All I wish is to travel to the tree before I tear

I know that I have to meet some one there.

But if I cant get there then why am I here?


This is a desolate world. A world that has come to an end.

All that remains is a bitter wind, fading light, and falling snow.

And myself. So exhausted that I have not even the strength to cry.


How much time has passed?

One month, two month’s,……longer.

perhaps even as much as five years have gone by.

I’ve been here for so long that I’ve forgotten the reason that I have been waiting.

……..or who I am waiting for.


But then……when all seems lost

the flow of the tide brings a new wind.

A warm nostalgic wind,…

a wind with the warmth of a mothers hand.

And the gentleness of a fathers smile

At last, once that wind surrounds me I will become whole again.

And all of my long lost memory’s return to me.

Suddenly I feel as if I’ve been given life anew.


I finally remember now

I’ve been waiting to here your voice.

At first hesitant, distant and full of void.

But your love, the kindness in your heart, rings out in every word.

I can hear it clearly now.

Your words sink deem into my mind, I wont forget it again.

Carried in the winds, carried on the waves, you drew ever closer.

The long wait will come to an end at last.



I will run with all my strength. To the ends of this desolate world.

Within my heart I here a voice calling out to me.

You must travel as far as your feet can carry you

At the end of this dying land some one is waiting for you

They have been waiting for this day to come

And for you for many years. Just as you have been waiting for them.

Then the voice in my heart gave its final words to me

At last once you arrive at the ends of the earth

You will see him standing tall before you

The flowers of life will be in full bloom.

And the petals will shine with the strength of the stars.

Let there be no doubt. It is the tree of promises.

And under that tree some one will be waiting for you.



After that I found myself loving you.

Those words came to me and I fell in the purest kind of love.

Once I fell I herd you and I arose. Even in this falling apart body that I found.

I fell in love and then I fell once more.

But once I arose I was lying under that tree that I was chasing.

I found that you where alone there…. Waiting for me.

I’m sure that it was a terrible struggle,

and it must have been a long journey to the tree of promises.

But even though I was there I was unable to here your tale.

I’m so sorry. I couldn’t believe that we where in the same dream.

That we had been sharing something in secret for so long.

I was completely shocked. I didn’t know what to do.

A desolate world, such a sad and lonely dream.

If only I had known that I wasn’t alone.

That some one else was waiting for me.


Even though we shared such a terrible vision

You were still so strong. Smiling so warmly and laughing so kindly.

And working so hard no matter how bad things got.

you really are beautiful

when I saw you standing there I couldn’t help but see that.


  I love you

We glided to each other and embraced peacefully like two old married people would after a long time away from each other.

Then I whispered in your ear

Gently like the wind




It was only for a moment

But as I stood there I saw my dream once more

I saw it come to  close

It was the tree of promises at long last

And there you were

Standing beneath its branches

Showered in Cherrie blossoms like the day I met you

There you were

Smiling your beautiful smile

Just like alwase.

The End

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