From this life

I trust you with anything,

This includes my life.

I want to have children with you,

And for you to be my wife.


But I’m too young to think about this,

As others would say.

I’m always thinking about you,

Each and every day.


I hope we can get together,

Just you and me.

And I hope the love for each other,

Will last for eternity.


I’ll love you each and every day,

And just have fun.

And I hope I’m not hurt in anyway,

By the bullet from a gun.


Because I will have what I want,

And have everything I need.

They say love is a jail cell,

But with you, I feel free.


I never needed someone so bad,

But things changed when you came along.

And I hope you will take my hand,

On a journey forever long.

The End

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