Another Heartbreak on my list

Dont reply back

Dont say a word

Tell me we're friends

Nothing ever occured

Wish so much to hate you

So much to forget about you

But I have to many reminders

Too many relations and ties

That makes it so much harder to remember

Why you were worth my time

Another poem finished..dedicated to him selfish..he got the whole damn notebook. This is so stupid..Whyd..why did I ever let this happen? I should know by now that Love is just another word for heartbreak. Love is just another disguise for pain, it creeps up and smothers you with fabricated affection and the snatches it all away with a few words.

But then again, I was t he one who ended it

I was also the one who lost my diginity opening up begging to return to the past.

But atleast I was always honest in what I said.

The End

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