Another Few Foolish Words

It's funny how you can talk nonsense behind the monitor,
in that talent you supposedly have.

You say I'm insecure, but let's get the facts straight.
Do I complain at the way the world perceives me?

I'm no fool, for momma raised no fool.
The only clown here is you, speaking in child rhymes that go like apples and bananas, apples and bananas.

You speak of this Utopia, but do you even know what that is?
Let me phrase it for you, such a place does not exist.
That Utopian world created was by you, by no one else.

Your book-inspired romances have gotten you in a mess,
for illusionary stories of love now remain in your head.

Before you start talking nonsense again about someone you supposedly care for, think twice, actions speak louder than your foolish few words.

The End

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