Another Dimension

Sadness is another dimension

to my emotional character -

I wouldn't be without it.

Grief is a consolation.

At least I know I cared.

It shows I'm aware, I involve

myself in personal affairs


It feels good to cry

So good to let it all out.

And when I look back on the crying, I think

‘How good it was to have cried'.


I once remember discussing

that sadness was a way to experience happiness.

After the low comes the high.

I can't see perfect contentment continually satisfying.

But that makes sadness sound a bit ... fake,

put on. And it's definitely not.


Sadness shows ... profoundness.

And that is also great gratification.

To know that you're not shallow and that feelings actually mean something...

Well, joy will mean something too

(Something much, much more than what we hear is joy today).


Emotions should flow

I abhor the thought of a stopper over that which makes life wonderful

The emotional aspect is the interesting one


A revelation of oneself.

We should not hide,

We should never be afraid to cry -

I dislike those ashamed to cry:

Sadness is part of what makes you you

No one likes the idea of a fake person.


My views may be subject

to my own personality,

to my own experiences,

to my own views

But I feel sadness is important;

Where would we be without it?

The End

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