Another Day (Un Autre Jour)

It's another poem about love, simply put

How easily captivated I am by her smile

There was only a naive bliss falling

Engulfing us, all we could feel was love

We left ourselves immersed, never to return


Over rooftops and beyond the path

We melted as one and stayed still in time

Bought together and will fade the same

It wells up within me as I begin to cry


Another day I'll never forget


I should've kissed you under the light

Join as one and the forest begins to burn

Catching the spark of your heart that night

Far beyond anywhere I could turn


We fell deeper beyond the grey's clinch

Over the clouds we began to soar

Drenched in obsession we drift away

The calm of the water gives way to the roar


Another day I'll never forget

The End

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