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A poem about the rush of people to date online.

Hey I just got online

If you have some time  

I’d really like to unwind

How are you today?



No I’m not gay

Why should I give you my life history?

Cannot I keep some parts of myself a mystery?

Like my face, feelings and hidden pains

I won’t allow them all to see!


We sit on a world of science, secret faiths, and utter lunacy

Pushing borders to become lovers

Is this all you perceive?

Words on a screen describe everything about me?

Are we truly free?


These words are nothing but linear thoughts

They scroll down your screen made of pixels that started out as dots

So why define me by the words I scrawl?

That won’t do, no not at all.


I’m appalled that you ask how tall I am

As if that will make any difference, like if my name is Sam

Or Damien or Andy or Sandy

A name does not define my inner man

As one philosopher said “I think, therefore I am!”


I am not you

Nor would I want to be

All I can do is be me

And I’m proud of the future life I see.


The child reborn blessed the best in thee.

The End

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