Annoyance, Acceptance and MiseryMature

I need a cigarette for the first time in months
but I can’t even afford a solitary bottle
to block out the travesty of the past week
Pinned my hopes on something that
was destined to break apart easily

Someone poison the water so I can get high
if I believe I am drunk then I’m halfway there
it’s better than what you had in mind for me
Misery needs company like romance needs deception
or some form of ignorance I can be a part of

If I could accept my annoyance
maybe I could stop being so miserable

Comatose from the thought of having to wake up
so I’ll be reminded of every little thing
I tried so fucking hard to forget
Passed out from another late night
but my mind still intact with stress

My eyes sting from lack of sleep but
it’s only 10:00pm and that’s early
Early enough to concede defeat
Yeah, I fell too easily again
but I fucking tried to make it work out

The End

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