There is movement in the bushes

Stirring the cricket's song

There stands a creature between the pines

Distinguished by the gleam of the moon

There is a clear sense of curiosity,

Although embedded in a courtesy

It flicks with an ear, and a firefly flees

Breaking the stillness

It blinks two times, as if a question

But who understands a such one?

It wants you to stay,

If you are a friend?

He has brought company along

Wondrous, yet on their alert

He never walks alone, nor anyone near him

For he sighs in bliss, the serenity embodied

He doesn't know his origin,

But perhaps it's for the best

A question hangs in the air continually

Patiently awaiting its reply

A single gaze is given, and all is therein

This night was not so eerie after all

A bow from the buck,

Glowing is his name.

The End

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