Anguish of a Broken Heart

a poem about how painful it is to have your heart broken

I screamed out in agony as I fell to my knees

a double-edged sword thrust to the bottom of my gut

Rent within by the blade; 

nothing again will ever be the same

Blood gushes from my wounds

like water released from a dam

nothing ever hurt me so

nothing ever bled

so much that it took my life with it - 

spilled forth to death;

wine poured from a pitcher

filling to the brim a silver cup

The barbs torn violently from the fish

tearing the skin and scales.

the metal hooks ripped from my core

that had so luringly caught my heart

and buried themselves there

each day gripping tighter

digging deeper

until I was hooked

only to be yanked away so suddenly

this it left my heart in shreds;

the popped balloon

Will I ever find all the pieces?

The End

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