Angst and Lies

Teenagers are always overlooked, their opinions often ignored because of age
But often we see the world in a different way to adults
Maybe our way could help if we had the chance?

Don’t look at me and judge

Don’t look at me and stare

When you’ve seen the world through my eyes

Experienced every deceitful and cunning lie

Only then will you understand


You think that you are wise

Touched by nothing

I’m just a child in your eyes

No worries or fears

Never seeing deeper than the naivety allows

But seeing the whisperings of the unheard souls


I see, I hear and only I can comprehend the waif like pleas

Our voices are unheard, we are restrained

We can love so fiercely we’d kill

We can hurt so deeply that all hope is lost

And by god we can laugh

Lighting up the room with our smiles

We are the strength in the nation

We are the future

We are the light

So why can’t you see that

Can’t you just let our voices soar?

The End

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