Light at the End of the Tunnel

Eh...the title is descriptive of the poem. Enjoy :)

This terrible headache,

Blinded by the intense pain;

I tried so hard to make her laugh,

But I realized it all went in vain.


Understood everything the way it was,

Cultivated receptiveness and all,

Then it dawned, the root cause;

She wasn’t interested in it at all.


Cannot blame anyone, no, I can’t;

It was my folly, should’ve retracted, I accept;

Happy and healthy relations is what I want;

Moving on, looking for deeper depths.


A new day dawns upon me, I feel enlightened,

As time and tide heel these wounds and rashes;

Miles to go forth, I set sights on the future,

To rise like the phoenix from the burning ashes.

The End

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