The other day, I randomly decided to summarize my life in one sentence.

"And her pain gave way to beauty."

I also came up with, "She wanted pain, but she wanted Redemption more."


Do you see my heart, my soul, my spirit
Torn to bits and oozing pain on the floor
My soul, my very soul, knows no bounds
To its grief

My sorrow, my sorrow, my sorrow
I curl up, tear-soaked hair covering my face
I don't want my heart to beat
I am broken

Ashamed of my utter vulnerability
I clasp my hands together, knowing that
If they are free, they will inflict wounds
Oh, help me!

I am too spent for tears, for any sound
I am too shattered to speak my spirit
Oh, someone, rejuvenate my soul!
Wounded! Wounded!

But this is not the end, no, not even close
I have not come this far, just to give up
I was not healed, just to be sick again
I will be free!

Though my shaking body greatly desires
To see blood as proof of control of pain
I know control is a mere figment, and
It would destroy me

So even though I am wounded, I fight!
Even though the sacred seems far off!
I fight, I fight, I fight, for I am a warrior!
A warrior!

I will keep my faith, and keep it well!
His Grace reaches down to my blood-ridden soul!
My heart will be put back together again!
Farewell, angst!

The End

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