anglo boyfriendMature

Me and jelle encounter his ex girlfriend at Cafe Belgium.

everyone hopes thier boyfriend thinks

you've redeemed his life for good.

a savior from his frigid ex,

one who freed him from a bitch.



but when you meet an ex-lover,

who studies hyrdoscience,

and her friend who

works at the EU,

and her skin is cream and clear,

and her eyes are deep and dark,

it punctures your heart.



and I'm silent on the bus ride home.

cause we were being seated,

when he ran into this girl.

so we joined them at the bar

and he bought them both a beer.

and we talked until 2 minutes after the kitchen had closed,

so we were turned away.



And after kissing cheeks goodbye

Most restaurants were locked,

except for one Greek restaurant

where one can dine well after nine.

where palm trees sway

by candle light

and the meal was more delicious

than if it were belgian cuisine



and I found hope in seeing that

beneath that cold rejection,

from carelessly

not scheduling

and thereby being forced to leave,

we were warmly taken in,

by the mediterranean.

The End

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