Splitting the lower recesses of a powerless mind
no one is strong fuck is all weak and the cunts they
deprive us of all our will, their deception is clear
My words are my words they mean nothing
but to some I am just a pathetic artist if they saw the person
I am and not the image they’d be let down just like I always am

Finding self-worth is abuse on such a large scale that no one
seems to notice but still reprimands as obscene
My viewpoint is much different to yours so let’s slaughter
the last remaining ideals of a lovers tryst
Real enough real enough i seem to falter so young
death is the next step just a paid entity

I fell in love now this is my punishment for my audacity

If you do not understand self hatred then will never understand me

Prayers can deceive a life so unclean that a keep to the light which is slowly corrupting a devil for a martyr I am not so important so why do you care I wish for redemption not retribution and I still feel so dirty I can never be cleansed all the nights I lay awake are in vain

I want to hurt myself deeper than before not for adoration but for some perspective
It still lies inside and chokes me

The End

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