All it took was a stolen look, a glance,

His heart recognized her,

His still soul stirred,

Her impression carving itself in his mind;

All it took was a touch,

Hand met hand,

Flesh met flesh,

And the simple gesture,

Turned her hardened heart to molten liquid,

All it took was a spoken word,

For him to be enveloped in a trance,

Her words were not hers but an angels,

Heavenly lyrics to a godly song,

His mind stands in an ovation,

Begging for more,

 Oh encore!

She was a perfect puzzle piece,

That fit snuggly is his arms,

He was her other half,

Her better one, her adored one,

She was his love, his heart, his soul, his anything and everything,

His something, his nothing,

His today, his tomorrow,

His past, his present, his future,

Her soul and his were once one united front,

But, by God’s will,

It was split into two,

Each finding a home in a meaningless body,

Destined to find each other in the course of their grueling lives,

Leaving them searching for the other half,

And that glance, that touch and that word,

Had turned that search fruitful,

They had found the other part, the half soul that belonged to them,

And now, they belonged to each other.   

The End

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