I listen to you - your voice  rising, accusing me, your eyes staring intently at me.You frown.

It is as if you are angry not only just in this moment, but you have been angry for a long time. The reason is not really clear to me.
 I look at you and I feel my cheeks burning with emotion and my heart pounds with adrenaline.

Pleasing you is not always easy though I often try.

     Right now, I turn away -seeking solitude- escaping the harsh expression on your face and also because now I do not want to be in your presence.

 I  leave the room and it will be a while before the silence is broken, for now I am angry . I wait and so do you.

    These feelings are not new. We have been here before. Moments of tension mount and build and wash over us like waves. We are exhausted. The path will eventually get smoother again.

The End

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