Angel's Prison

I'm sinking deeper into the darkness of my prison.

My Earth....forbidden.

My Heaven....long has forgotten me.

My shackles tighten at every thought of freedom.

The Light grows dimmer at every sign of escaping.

Forever bound by Their laws of right and wrong.

My Wings...scarred from the past.

My body...chained by Their Laws.

Will I ever be free?

For too long have I followed Their laws like

An incompetent child would follow their mother.

For too long have I been bound by chains like

A peasant put in a dungeon.

For too long have I hidden away my Wings like

A prince would hide his pregnant mistress.

For too long....Far too long.

Will I ever let my Wings out?

"Better dead then bound." said the Hebrews to the Egyptians,

But even Death cannot free me.

My Soul....blacked and shredded by Their Laws.

My Body ....cold and broken by Their Chains.

My Heart... darkened by Their cruel words and even crueler stares.

Forever alone. Forever Bound.

The End

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