Angels of Nightmares.

A poem I wrote when I was having a BPD fit. The poem is just a brief in look on my mind at the time.

An epitaph of fallen dreams.
Inssecent delirium.
Angels of Nightmares.
Let me fall,
A million miles away from here.
A place to breathe;
Where a moment passes,
In a flash of sound.
Blurring lights and nouse,
Blaring out the darkness.
Take me to a moment,
Where I can shine.
Bring me back,
To where I'm trapped,
I'll loose myself;
In imaginairy worlds,
Surrounded by words,
Not good enough for the outside;
Misunderstood, Intollerable, Denied.
A metaphorical lock with a metaphorical key,
Stashed away untill next time,
The next time that I dream.

The End

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