Angels Fall Screaming

He fell still screaming curses

like a bird too long flying

through snow


but he was not frozen

he was burning

furious, still clawing at the sky

unable to stop the fall

unable to catch himself

because that was one of the things

angels were never taught how to do.


God’s hand was always

just  beneath them—

ready to extend at a moments notice

and cradle them if need be

and he like to hold them

because they were warm creatures

like little birds


the angel fell screaming hatred

a fire that was not holy fire

burned his body cruelly


God looked on and didn’t turn away

the angel did not want his hand

the little bird had chosen this flight

knowing of the fall

knowing of the fire


God watched until the angel

finally struck the earth

and lay broken for a moment

before picking itself up


its heavenly body feeling for the first time

a flutter of death at the impact

like a breath of cold


then God let out a single sob

and a tear fell from heaven

falling until it

sank into the angel

cooling the burn of the flames


the angel looked up at the sky

from whence the tear came

and found all the curses

were dry and empty


He felt colder

than he had ever felt


he didn’t know how to go back


that was one of the things

angels never learned to do—

so he turned away from heaven

pretended to disdain the tear

that soothed the fire

burning him


and walked on

beneath the gray sky

while God closed his eyes

and sighed

for the little bird


in falling

had forgotten how to fly.


The End

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