Hang me from the clouds, and watch the red seep onto my wings. The love leaves my body in a running stream- angel am I no longer. I lost my halo when I learned the beauty of dying.

Insane how some angels hang themselves with their own halos.

Locked up in rooms that silence the screams
and turn them into hymns for the
the angels are screaming,
your prayers are searing
the wings from their backs
feathered down in the cracks in the concrete,
- Stop- 
don’t forget to walk all over me
so I can lift you up
to your place in the sky,
break my back with all your burdens,
pull the flesh from my arms and legs
with your grabbing and pulling
nails sharper than razors
and knives
ink spilled on robes,
keys lost in the gloom,
your prayers are searing the wings from their backs,
your begging and threatening and compromisations
you can not ask for what can never be yours
and expect it be delivered on a silver platter.
if it doesn't work, it doesn't work,
and your father can not give you that which you don't ask for,
you can't receive what you don't work for.

Angel on earth,
give your life to the needy,
work until your fingers bleed red,
ignore the taunts
and the cuts
that sting on your wrists from where the demons
learned to swim
and dragged you down to the depths.
you fight and fight
for the good in the world,
but they burn you at the stake,
waiting until you wake and
can see the relentless hatred in their eyes.
all you want is to live,
to love and be loved,
but they dont understand
and its you that pays the price.
you try and you try
to be just what the doctor prescribed
but the medicine only sinks to the pit of your stomach
and eats you from the inside out-

burn for the ways that their words
resounded in your mind
as you laid awake and wide-eyed at night.
you anticipate them to come for you,
but your singed wings come for you first.
they grab scissors and cut your heart strings,
tell you to get up,
put one foot in front of the other because
-nothing is wrong with you, you're only imagining it-
theys slice your heart from your chest and expect you to be able to live
with the pain.
they do all this and yet

the world still wonders why angels prefer to stay in heaven.

The End

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