This is a poem I wrote for my lovely friend, Angelina Vodzorbe. She is God sent.

Angelina, Angelina, Angelina...
How dear to me you are
I met you via the computer
And to you, I am more than a brother

Angelina, Angelina, Angelina
Whenever I speak to you
I become better
In knowledge and in power

Your voice alone satisfies me like water
Your heart, as big as River Volta
No wonder you are from the Volta
Don’t laugh for so long; I’m not a joker

Your skin, smooth like margarine
Your words, sweet like tangerine
Your laughter, like a grinding machine
Hahaha, I love your grin

You are sent-from-above
As for that, I need not to be told about
Everybody wants you around
Because in you, inherent wealth abound’

Keep on keeping on
With what you do
God gave it to you
Not another person but you

A big salute to mum and dad
They’ve done a job not bad
And I can bet with my last rand
That you’ll always make them glad

Your future is bright
Gonna emit so much light
For those within and out of sight
Have a good night
And, hey, don’t forget to switch off the light

By: Evans Kissi Owusu (Abotreh)

The End

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