The walk seemed to last forever, an eternity, clammy hands, nervous twitch, trying to hold back the tears, gotta be strong, must be strong.  The echo of the feet steps all around me becomes silent, tunnel vision, focused, yet trying to hold back my tears.  I slowly open the door, heavy, slow, precise, and there she was laying there, so still, silent, angelic, perfection!  Yet so cold, why is she so pale.  She lays there, without words, without any sign of life.  Her face so calm, yet in so much pain, why her, just why her?  The random memories flow within my mind, the years i could see her smiling, happy, yet i cant seem to erase this image of her so still, ill, wanting to just hold her in my arms.  Is there a logical answer to this complication within her?  I would take that pain away if i could, anything, just name it!! Within these confined walls, i cant breathe, i cant see, i cant watch her as she lays so quietly.  I must be strong, im crying now, she within my arms, lifeless, yet perfect.

The End

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