Angel Wing Songs

Imagry, Descriptive, Peaceful , Serene

Trees wave in the gentle breeze

Wind whispers as the angels wings

Move through the branches

Tinkling sounds of the wind chimes

As the angels swiftly fly

Like the speed of light

Chimes swirl, creating magical sounds

The music of nature, the whispering winds

From the angels wings

Soft, light, flowing

Feathers encourage the song of birds

Bees buzzing intensely

Among the swaying flowers

The background sounds of the orchestra

Is the blended creation of

Music for nature's serenity

Angels conducting perfromances

Wrap around comfort

For all to asist and accompany them

As the winds whisper angel wing songs

Feelings of peaceful serene happiness

Engulf one's heart

For the love of more songs

Created by

The angel wings in nature

The End

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