Angel Under the MoonlightMature

About how love can make life feel so clear and beautiful, and those moments when you wish time would stay still and you could just live forever in the sweet embrace of the moment

Gazing into hazel brown eyes

one look and i'm hypnotised

kissing your soft red lips

one kiss and i'm paralysed

Moonlight hits your skin

shimmering and a glorious pale in the dark

and my pulse races faster into life

Now I know how it feels to be alive

Staring into your hazel eyes

I've never felt so hypnotised

Deeper and deeper into you

our bodies intwined

baby now I know paradise

The curve of your body

the hourglass with time stopping sweetly

the warmth of your breath

and how i'm caught in the trap of your smile

There's nowhere else I'd rather be

fires bursting and burning so sweetly

As your body moves back and forth

I know how heaven feels in the warmth

A pulsing delight and a second of perfection

as all the heaven's rejoyce in our connection

My mind is clear and thoughts are beautiful

Your moans of delight, this night is perfection

Morning comes and those hazel eyes

Still with the power to paralyse

The soft caress of your hands

one touch and i'm hypnotised

The End

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