Angel of Death

Regret, Pride and the contradictions of emotions when we do grave things for what is in our mind means to a noble end

Merely months and fate has twisted me

Somewhere far beyond recognition

This scorching sun unrelenting

bringing me to my submission

Around me blood spills like raindrops

and through my eyes I see we are godless

a world devoid of kindness

mercy abandoned when the call is issued

For now I remain untainted, bypassed by the void

but as I breath in and open my eyes

I find my world disturbed, attacked and destroyed

Within days joy escapes me

but it is a neverending circle of horrors for the others

orphaned children weep over the charred corpses of mothers

and here I stand the angel of death

Tears stream steadily

guided by an unseen hand

a force of fire

across the bloodstained sands

I stand here readily

to wield the sword of death once more

The End

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