Angel Love

Well, it's about time I contributed on here.
It's special to me this.
Very secial.

His eye's, a green,
A quizical green,
And when I gaze upon such a sight,
My body becomes composed of light,
And as the angels glare at me,
As they witness what's become of me,
All they can do is weep with jelousy,
Because love is an angels only felony.

He came to earth and broke the rules,
He was tired of being one of god's tools,
So he seeked something that he'd felt was gone,
A love, a light, A long lost one,
When I met him I couldn't believe it,
I really don't know how he couldn't feel it,
"It's me and you on our own in this place,
Would I lie, Is it written on my face?
We're clinging to this tiny rock,
Hoping that we'll never drop,
Now take my hand and cling to me,
I love you more than you can see."
Were the first words that came from my lips,
That sent your heart into mini fits.

You took me to a secret place,
And showed me your wings and soared with grace,
And as I gazed at you in the air,
Filled with merriment, without a care,
I couldn't help but smile and whisper,
"You've turned me into a believer,
Your magical, now that is true,
But will my love ever do?
Don't you want one of your kind?
Or are Angels truly blind?"
He decended and stroked my head,
"Anyone that's not you are dead,
You're beauty is unearthy, you know,
Imagine all the angels though,
All harps and halos and fluttery wings,
I detest such self-righteous things,
You are perfect, magical or not,
And I can see, I can see what I've got."

Then the rest of the world seemed a blur,
As our love seemed to further unfurl,
Years seemed like weeks, and weeks like days,
And everynow and then we'd go back to that place,
You'd hold me tight and soar to the sky,
And I had never felt so alive,
In your arms was my destiny,
And you had never thought less of me.

"Let us never be apart,
I'm trusting you here, with my heart,
I trust you to never leave,
And in your loyalty I do believe,
Never stop showing me this magic,
Or else my life would become trajic,
You have shown me everything,
From shapeshifting to making clouds sing,
You have made this rock have life,
Now stay with me, throughout tonight."

Curly locks of vimto hair,
And a face that can't compare,
Sea green eyes,
Not capable of lies,
The perfect lips,
The most softest of grips,
Each touch like gold,
Every secret untold,
I love you, I can scream it all day,
Just, please, tell me you're here to stay.

The End

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