Angel In Disguise

I see your eyes smile at me,

Lips curled and free,

Angels in the sky choose destiny…

A lover’s single spark,

A firework in the dark,

Angels in the sky, they stay unseen…


And you're an angel in disguise

Fireflies at night,

They brighten up your eyes,

Angels in the sky won’t let them light…

Wear a face of lies,

A crown of tears

you cry,

Angels in the sky, they hear you scream…


Oh, oh

Steer a star spangled sky,

Who am I?

I said,

Angels in the sky don’t walk the earth…

I saw the line,

I said goodbye,

Angels in the sky won’t help me up…


But you’re an angel in disguise


Frozen in time,

Kept in line,

Angels in the sky won’t set you free…

A bulletproof heart,

Love they keep apart,

Angel’s in the sky don’t have the key…


But you’re the angel meant for me.


The End

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