Angel Amongst Women

The love a man has for a woman who is an Angel Amongst Women

Angel Amongst Women

Gazing, deep into her gorgeous eyes, losing myself in their wondrous beauty, I belatedly realize, she is, slowly leaning her head toward me, gazing at me, with half closed eyes. As time seems to slow to a snail's pace, I slowly, lean my head toward her, filled with a blissful numbness as I realize, what I've wanted for a long time is about to happen. And just before our lips meet...I wake up, and sadly

realize, it was, but the sweet torture known as a dream. Sadly sighing, I get up, and get ready. Thinking over the angel amongst women, whom I care so deeply about, knowing, that my dreams, will remain just that. After all, why, would she, who could have almost any guy she wanted, want me, an insect amongst men. However, I cannot still the rapid beating of my heart, at the thought of my dream, of an angel, amongst women.

I cannot focus on schoolwork, which seems incredibly dull, in comparison to what I am thinking about. Her. Her laugh, that I would do almost anything to hear. Her smile, that I would give almost anything to see. Her elegant, beauty. And her beautiful eyes, that I could easily lose myself in.

But that is just her outer beauty, which pales in comparison to her inner beauty, as the darkness of the new moon, pales in comparison to the brightness of the sun. Her kindness, her caring, her gentleness. Her passion, toward the things she loves, and her controlled ambition. Her intelligence. Her willingness to work hard. Her happy nature. Her dislike of hurting others. Her respectfulness toward herself, and others. Her desire to help others. And her emotional strength. Everything that makes her, an angel, amongst women.

Sighing sadly, knowing, she'll never be more than a good friend, though she is, one of my closest friends....and the knowledge of the fact, that she doesn't consider me to be more than an acquaintance, and even that being born from pity. Knowing that if she were to know everything about

me that I've done, that she would avoid me like the most horrible of plagues. Snorting derisively at the idiocy of my thinking, that she, who could have almost any guy she wanted, would want a loser, like me, who is an insect, amongst men. But none of that matters. What matters, is if she's happy. If she is happy with someone, then I will do everything I can, to make sure that happiness stays, that she is with whoever will make her happy, as long as they do so. Despite it ripping my heart to shreds, if will help her, be with whoever she would be happy with, as her happiness, means more to me, than my own, after all, I care so much for her, and my happiness, the happiness of an insect, amongst men, is nothing,

in comparison, to her happiness, the happiness, of an angel, amongst women.

The End

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