The speaker remembers times spent in an artificial world.

Wash away my memory
With your encompassing wind
Shielded from reality
Granted ability
To rest within your numbing arms
Fractured thoughts no longer felt
Soothing senses sifting
Through welcoming consciousness
Tattered, broken being
Treasuring your presence
Less persistent
When lost within
Beckoned by your offer
Life free of all pain
Peaceful rain
Flows through connections
Erasing thirst
Embraced by your graceful body
Soul submerged in conveyed beauty
Definition is not binding
When I am dressed within your shadow
Comforted by Euphoria's glow
Her footsteps impressed on paths
Once trampled by exhaustion
Attention drawn towards the flame
Of her intrigued reactions
Searching, calling out my name
Echoed recognition
Reaching our ears
Voice of your sister
Carried by an elder
Insightful Air
Wishing to remain forever
Your sibling, you and I
Under this entrancing sky
Remaining separated
Troubled lives, sedated
Chains, severed
Fading away
Bindings now unfurled
I am striving to return, one day
To this artificial world

The End

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