hey, there, bondage.
wish i could say it's nice to see you...
what are you saying?
you want me to give up the Truth?

see, here's the thing.
i've been fighting so long, so hard.
i'm not giving up...
no, siree. He'll heal this broken heart.

wait, what's that?
i didn't quite hear you through the noise.
oh, i see now.
you want me to make my choice?

well, honey, see...
i've already decided to leave you behind.
 you're crying?
oh, please. don't be a child. don't whine.

my once-dear bondage,
do you understand me? you're not welcome here.
don't go there.
i'm not going to listen to your tears.

i'm not listening!
i'm tired of your constant negative perusal!
i'll say it once, never more.
you want me back? well, this is my flat refusal. 

The End

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