ɓeloved ʘf ʈhe ʅover

ɓeloved ʘf ʈhe ʅover

"Tainted!" they cry
"Used!" they say
"You're the only one to blame!"

"Pathetic!" they chant
"Insecure!" they yell
"You only deserve to go to hell!"

"Go die!" they scream
"Cave in!" they shout
"You haven't a clue what Love's about!"

"Give up!" they exclaim
"Hate yourself!" they call
"We're just waiting for you to fall!"

"Useless!" they taunt
"Worthless!" they laugh
 "You think He'll love you after that?!"

"Condemned!" they cackle
"Guilty!" they sneer
"He'll never want to pull you near!"

"Cleansed!" I retort
"Restored!" I reply
"Perfect in the eyes of Christ!"

"Hopeful!" I respond
"Confident!" I argue
"I have been saved by trusting Truth!"

"I will live!" I insist
 "I will fight!" I add
"He loved me before I even asked!"

"I stand strong!" I answer
"I am valuable!" I assert
"I will stand strong because of His Word!"

"Talented!" I declare
"Worthful!" I proclaim
"His Love washes away sin's stain!"

"Saved!" I comeback
"Redeemed!" I recover
"I am the Beloved of the Lover!" 

The End

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