Ƈome, ɣe ωeary ωand'rer

Ƈome, ɣe ωeary ωand'rer

Come, ye weary wand'rer
Come, ye weary soul
Lay aside your burden
Come and be made whole

"Hope is gone," you whisper
"All my life is lost."
But there will be redemption...
If you count the cost.

Agony is written
In your desp'rate eyes
As you reach to yield to
Addictions you despise

"Come to Me, my beauty,"
You hear His voice declare
But all you do is cower
Heart rent with despair

"All my sin is heavy;
All my soul, a waste
My arms are filled with scarrings
From pleasures I have chased."

The cry remains to come, to come!
To come and be made whole
To come, ye weary wand'rer
To come, ye weary soul. 

The End

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