And You Will Remember

Josh is back, so I'm just thinking a lot of how its almost impossible to really forget the ones that touched your heart in small, invisible ways, that tie you to them forever.

there will always be
that one person

who,against the
odds, will mean

the entire world
to you,and

you will never
forget their face

thier laughter,or
the beautiful way

their eyes reflect
the midday sun

like the light
on a lake

where a fallen
body has dived

into the wake
of waves and

then you will
always see them

as the one
that changed you

for better, or
for worse,and

you will never
forget the way

that their touch
electrified you, set

each nerve flying
dancing on that

current.and you
will never not

remember the ways
that their whispers

sang you to
sleep even on

nights when they
weren't there beside


The End

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