And Yet You Love Me

Yet You Love Me

 By Katrina Kwan


I envy the creative people

The musician, the painter

Beneath their messages of grey

There is something far deeper


Yet you love me

With all your heart

Though I insist

I’m no work of art


I envy the happy people

The foolish, the naïve

Neither a thought nor a worry

Gives them cause to grieve


Yet you love me

For you say I’m true

I’ll look straight ahead

As storms pass through


I envy the smart people

The philosopher, the politician

But wit often sacrifices

The heart for repetition


Yet you love me

With all your fire

Despite my tongue

Speaking as it desires


I envy the beautiful people

The lovers, the leaders

However true they are

Their lives be our teachers


Yet you love me

Like the girl at the window

Love me tender, darling

And my love you’ll know

The End

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