and we can fight the mist

this is... i don't know. i don't have an explanation for this.

and i used 
the word 'abhorrent'
in sixth grade music class
and everybody turned to stare at me
and when my flute squeaked,
the teacher threw a book at me
and the student whispered around me
the word 'freak' like they always do
because i was different

i brought
books to show-and-tell
in first grade, ones filled with sidenotes
and the teacher sent me to the second grade
classroom to get books to read 
the next time i asked if i could pick
from the classroom library
because i was different

and my mum
told the teacher 'she doesn't know the math'
during maths and the teacher says
'but she gets the right answers'
and they stare at me as they realize
that i've been guessing the answers
and the psychiatrist tells them that i'm good with patterns
but i already knew that
because i was different

my daddy
wasn't around much
and i figured that that was okay
because i had my books
and they were a safety net
but when mumsy comes home drunk
there's nothing to really hold onto
but Amy says her parents never fight
because i was different

and eventually
my sisters stopped caring
and it's terrifying
to be left alone in the world
at only eleven
but they didn't really love me enough
to do anything about it
even though i loved them so much that 
my heart ached with the pain of it
but it's okay
because i was different

and then
i met you 
and you were my everything
and we were cracked together
you with your trauma
and me with my nightmares
and us both with our devil
and we climbed out of this bottle together
because i was always different

(but you were too)

The End

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