And This is How

and this is how--
I see the night,
twisting everything under its sight,
to blend the colours with our past,
how the sun betrays, so fast.

and this is how--
we should have ended
instead we lived and pretended
to have no worries, free at last
but only in lies, did we bask.

and this is how--
it came to be,
your heart stopping from loving me,
eyes blending with the sky
where I will never lie.

and this is how--
we destroy ourselves,
hiding memories on our shelves
mirroring what the world needs,
making the worries our biggest weeds.

and this is how--
we lost the hope
of wanting,
of loving,
of  savouring
us in this envelope;
things you sent me
when we were done,
keeping this heartbreak
until the rise of dawn. 

The End

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