And They Will Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

just a reminder to be patient, your missing puzzle piece just might be stuck in a tree someplace xD

Someone somewhere knows the exact number of breaths you takes while you sleep-

and no,not because they stalk you-

but because your heart and theirs beat in time,

and their lungs work just like yours in overtime;

their lips can echo every song you've ever sung.

Someone somewhere knows every scar written into your wrists,

and they will have identical ones  of their own.

And someone,somewhere, understands why you hate to be alone-

They know the lonely 2 a.m and just like you  they know it so well they think they invented it.

But someone somewhere knows how you whisper to the moon in the dead of night,

whenever its just you and that pale silver light, and they know.

They know how you count the stars thinking " By the time I reach a thousand it won't hurt anymore",

thinking "By the time I've counted to ten thousand, I won't be so afraid."

SOmeone,somewhere, also whispers to the moon,

but they're wishing for you.

You with your plain jane face,

and your simple brown eyes,

they're waiting for you- despite your scars.

In fact, they are in love with the history written on your skin,

They're waiting for you,

despite all of your fears of never ever being enough.

They're waiting for that someone,somewhere,

the one who knows the words to the songs they sing,

and its you.

they're waiting for you darling. 

Waiting, just like you.

The End

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