and the blinking city lights

read this in your head with a british accent. don't ask.

long hair,

city lights,

barking dogs

as mad as lights,

tell me what I should do

with this crazy idea of you

and hips sway too much for the dead

of this town to really see.

but the stars

don't shine as bright tonight

as the flashing signs on stores

and the blinking window lights.

and they say that home

is where your heart is,

but my heart is set in stone,

cold, hard, unforgiving marble.

and after all, we saw

the stars where they hid

from the world,

tucked away, nowhere to be seen.

but i won't look down,

won't open my eyes,

for this vibrant dizziness

to disappear.

so just see my eyelids closed tight

against the sun

and wish that the streets

were covered in snow.

and i hope to know

that one day

you'll know

that i am not what i seem.

The End

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