And Still Your Name Lingers...Mature

Shooting heroin in my car,

Overlooking the cliff of Saint Boreaur

Frank Sinatra on the radio

And still your name lingers in the air

The waves roll up the cliff,

The salt sailing on the wind

Reminds me of something not so long ago,

A time when time stood still

just to say hello

Twelve hours pass in the blink of an eye,

And I'm still here, barely moving,

Christ, I'm hardly breathing,

Lord, my heart's hardly beating,

And all I can do is think of you

How I miss you so

The passenger door opens,

You hop in,

You smile, and all my pain has gone away,

"I knew you were still here" I say,

And we drive off, chasing the sun.

Oh, how it feels when

Everything is perfect again,

Until my eyes flutter open,

And I'm still here,

And you're not there,

And the sun has long set.

Tell me -

Where did you go?


The End

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