And so our story beginsMature

life, pain, love no gain

And so our story begins

Doves with hidden shark fins

Cluster fucks

One eyed bucks

Garden gnomes with haunted grins


Follow the reddened stream

Poke faces along the dream

Morphed into agonizing picturette

Fly guts and salmon on your morning bugette

The realness blindly unseen


Take a quick peek

In the dungeons where you seek

To find the beauty and love lost

Traded for a “peaceful” cost

To bear the stained reek


On white cotton oh so wild

War and torture rated as mild

A life for a life I agree

Would solve many decree

Memories of when mamma still smiled


On sunny winter morning

Birds cheerfully singing

No sound of gun distant gun fire

Or gangs in police attire

Raping and plundering


Oh bring to me the rays of laughter

Cover my eyes from the sight of slaughter

Play on drums so joyfully

Loving and caring gracefully

Our nation protected as Gaya’s daughter







The End

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