And so, it happened to him...

A silly narrative about a young boy who turns victim to a silly but terrifying incident, only to find out that...

It happened as he began to walk back home,

He sensed a rumble under the loam.

And out it sprang from that large hole,

which was dug up beside that lightning pole.

Was it a cat? Was it a rabbit?

Or was it a rat with a bad habit?

Oh, it was a rat alright...

A little mouse to be precise!

The lad bowed to take a look,

But was taken aback when 'it' gave a look!

For the little thing glowered at him with blood red eyes,

Very striking, against the pale blue skies.

The boy took a step back,

And a couple more to the hay stack.

While the mouse just sat there,

Terrifying the boy with that intensified glare.

And in an instant, within that second,

That insignificant little rat 

Had turned into a monstrous brat!!

The boy was at a loss of words.

The only thing he could register was the amazed chirping of the birds.

But it was only then that it had struck him,

Why had these events been occurring to him?

Was he paranoid? Or was he insane?

Was he mad? Or did he just lose his brain?

‘Well, none of that!’, he thought.

‘I’m not going to wait here and rot!’

‘All I have to do is give this mouse his pay,

And kiss this silly dream away!!’

The End

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