And so Did Her HeadMature

A man loses the love of his life only to fill the hole in his hear with rage

She left him to die, another victim of her appitite

He faught against it to save his heart

He thought he loved but he was only blind

She knew he was hers and she began to feed

Like a vampire she sucked him dry

Of his free will, his breath, his vision, his dignity

He saw her with "him"

Unsure of what to do

He went home and drank

He found "his" home and burst in the door

He took out a knife and held it to his sleeping victim

He sawed away till he felt the bone grind against the blade

He drank the slaughtered blood

She returned home he saw her return

He took a bat and found her alone

He cracked the bat till it broke in half

and so did her head

The End

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