I am feeling good right now, but I shoudn't chase this feel tomorrow- I know that right now.

Somehow, I know it to be true. That when the moon is full. I will go insane again tonight. No stars in sight in the City tonight. As all nights, but who's counting them all, right? So much to o, so much to say. But I get bored of this even, and long for the day. But I know the darkness shall pass to day, and day to dark, and they won't just stay. Hey, I know what's up- I don't want to be down. Justice and logic do not fall down. Blind is she who makes us smile. Because she doesn't judge us from looks alone. She sees us, stares at us with clouded eyes. That's dark city night. And she is beautiful, but many times, we also want to be seen. Seen for what we really are. Just us, simple and kind. But really ugly at times, too. Those who want us gone shoo! For tonight, there are many things to do.

The End

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