...and love blooms for the walking dead...


 ...and love blooms for the walking dead too sometimes...

i catch a flickering glimpse of you, out of the corner of my eye...

a long time goes by, then someone dear begins to cry...

will anyone remember us, when "you" were "you", and "i" was "i"?

we fell in love, but in our heads.
we fell in love, but now we're "dead".

i like the hurting that i do,
and all the damage done by you,

it makes me smile, 'cause i'm in hell,
until the end or wedding bells,

the passers by will pass us by,
they'll please our sight or stab our eyes,

i'm telling you, 'cause you're like me,
there's nothing great here left to be,

yet so far off from decency,
a faltering "you", a worsened "me",

i hold you while you pierce my heart,
give you my soul, to tear apart,

with my last breath, share my last kiss,
i give to you, release from this,

for when we die, is when we'll wake,
perfection to anticipate,

'cause i need you, like you need me,
hands locked together in apathy...

The End

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