And It Was All Just Pretend

we shone.

because we grew in darkness
beneath the shadows of fear,
cowering below bogeymen.

we grew up thinking
that we would rather face
Baba Yaga than go home.
because we took our time walking home.
because inside lay a battle.

a battle of words
and hiding in places that you hope
they won't find you.

but we told everyone that asked,
'i'm just fine'
but we lied to their faces
just as we lied to ourselves.

when we met others like us,
we smiled (a false facade)
and we went on our way.
we were just waiting for
someone to call us out on
our lies, on our fake emotions.

but instead we carry on
like the dying writers we are
and sure, we can delay death,
but he always comes around eventually.
and when he knocks at our door,
we just barely manage to fend him off
with these words that 
shiver and shake 
as they are forced through an 
unwilling pen

but we have to write
otherwise we succumb
and that is unfathomable because
we live to live
but that's not quite true.

so we walk
a tightrope of 
balancing our life
and our love
and our words
and everything that
weighs us down,
and sure,
some of us fall.

but i write this to
those of us who can sob 
into their hands with the phrase:
'we made it.'

The End

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