...And the dandelions sang

we walked our path, and fell from our graces as the dandelions sang, and the dead moaned onward...

...And here we sat
In the second hour past the night
and the 6th hand beyond
Relishing in the foreign memories of our existence

...The dandelions bloomed beautiful,
spring waters fell through the cataracs,
and the breeze filled the lungs
with the sickly sweet scents of opportunity

...And on we went, gazing through the concord
in its tall grasses and creature-filled rocked cliffs
swaying to the age
where the only seized percipience is in the oculus of our ignorance
Far into the horizon

...It was in the distance,
filled with its multifarious aspirations,
A gleaming sun reflected off of the deep blue
as if to say only eminence awaits

and we jumped into the stream
swimming furiously
unaware of life beneath our kicking feet

and in the next instant
a typhoon emerged
sucking the water dry,
leaving us to drown in its endavours
and all went black
and down we t

and upon opening our eyes we found that we'd reached the bottom
and above us was the cliff that we'd flowed in nescience
We were paralyzed
unable to shift a muscle
struggling as the clouds moved in to begin their clatter
and we cried out
I am not weak!
For I have seen my horizon
And this is not at all what I have been fated to be!
And we squirmed to no avail
And for months
the clouds gathered
darkening out the beauty of the dandelions above
until the image of them was rendered false
and only the sky remained of memory
And then...

we stopped our struggle
For there was no longer anything to struggle for
The dandelions could not save us
And the horizon didn't draw any nearer
And we laughed
And the thunder came
Starting in the distance
Slowly creeping near

This darkness is the only beauty we have now.
This darkness is the only beauty we will ever attain.”

...and the rain began
The lightning forged closer
And it struck us in its embrace
And suddenly our paralysis was healed
And our head lifted to the horizon in the distance
Identical in form
yet darker in shade
deprived of its insouciance
Forgotten of its validity

...And slowly we began our trudge
Walking emptily toward a purpose that only appeared to be
With a line flickering between end and endless
Yet some would say that it was a sign from God
A symbol of empowerment entrenched into the crux of a lost potential
A chance to begin anew
A new life
A new light
But you see...

...I now walk amongst the land of the dead
No soul
No thought
No will
Only the guidance of the depravity before me

The End

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