And I'm Feeling Alive for the First Time

First, I'm still not totally sure about the last stanza. Second, the title comes in part from the last stanza, so I think I need a new title. Third, I seriously considered calling this, "Touched for the Very First Time." No joke.

Our hearts beat in tandem

as my shaky hands

removed your clothes.

One item at a time,

and with each new piece

of exposed skin

I revealed a new you,

someone unknown to my memory;

someone young and


to the press of my lips.


But when your eyes met mine

I saw everything in you,

I’d ever wanted to see.

My fingertips skimmed

across your ribs,

as you smiled

and handed me your heart.


And in our shared

fear and insecurity

time fell away.


Our souls were alive

for the first time.

The End

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